Signing off at Sub-State

Volleyball team concludes season with Sub-State loss


Photo by: Francisco Castaneda

Varsity volleyball team huddles together during a game.

Story by Hannah Gray and Akela Hawkins

Last season, the varsity volleyball team was quarantined and was not able to compete at sub-state. This year, they were able to represent PHS at the sub-state tournament. 

Senior Beth Blessent was among the girls who was not able to attend sub state last year as a result of being quarantined. 

We all got called down to the locker room as a team and then we were told we were getting quarantined. There were definitely some tears,” Blessent said. “We had already been quarantined that season and none of the seniors were getting to go.” 

Beth played on varsity this season as a defensive specialist (DS.) This was her first time attending sub-state. 

“I was excited, but was also kind of nervous,” Blessent said. We all compete really well together as a team, and I felt like we could do quite good [at sub-state.]

According to head coach Ashlen Riggs, she and the team were looking forward to the different competition they would face at sub-state. 

“I think Pittsburg High School has not always competed very well against other 5A schools. Playing all the SEK teams does not help us to play against better teams,” Riggs said. “I am just trying to instill a competitive mindset in these kids and I don’t like to back away from the challenge.” 

Blessent says that each practice and game took them one step closer to being ready for competing at sub-state. 

“We didn’t really prepare specifically for sub-state,” Blessent said. “But, each practice prepared us for the next game and made sure we knew what we were doing out on the court.”

Sub-state was hosted at Mill Valley on Saturday, Oct. 23. The Dragons lost two sets to Mill Valley, which ended their season. 

Although they did not come home with the result they hoped for, Riggs said this was a good experience for the girls. 

“I don’t want to back down from something just because it seems challenging or harder,” Riggs said. “I want to represent Pittsburg High School.”