Change of management

Marybeth Grimes takes over as head tennis coach after previous coach changes positions


Photo by: Sidney Lira

Story by Heather Mowdy and Chloe Nickelson

Up until this year, the girls’ tennis coach has changed three years in a row. Marybeth Grimes has taken over as head coach this year. 

“I was the boy’s assistant tennis coach for the spring 2022 season,” Grimes said. “I learned a lot about how to be a coach from previous tennis coach Sally Rickers.” 

Since Grimes has coached boys in the past, she has some experience with coaching, but girls bring new experiences. 

“Coaching the girls’ team is a lot of fun,” Grimes said. “We have a good mix of experienced and new players.”

Several players have had to adapt to the coaching changes over the last three years.

“It’s been very hard with new coaches,” senior player Laikyn LeFever said. “You have to learn their way of coaching in a short amount of time before the season starts which tends to be fairly difficult.”

Even though there are some difficulties, LeFever notices many positives with different coaches. 

“Having new coaches [helps us] learn new mechanics,” LeFever said. “There’s only one way to play tennis but every coach has a different way to get us there and make us better.”

Junior Indianna Grotheer has had a different coach each year she has played, which, according to Grotheer, has taught her a good life lesson. 

“I was never good with change before high school,” Grotheer said. “My tennis experience has definitely forced me to be ok with it.” 

Along with Grotheer, most of the junior girls have adapted with the changing coaching staff. 

“We just have to be flexible,” Grotheer said. “ I think our team has become a lot closer because we will always have each other. The team spirit and bonding this year is absolutely amazing, and I don’t think it would be that way if we always had the same coach.” 

According to Grotheer, the previous coaches have all had different coaching styles that have had their pros and cons, but one is not better than the other. 

“I have appreciated something from each coach and learned to be flexible,” Grotheer said. “Coach Grimes, our coach now, is a super smart and strong woman. She has already taught me a lot of strategies I didn’t know before.”

While it can be tough to change coaches each year, Grotheer, LeFever, and the rest of the team are adapting and changing with the program.  

“It has been a new process every year,” Grotheer said. “Everyone has just tried their best and moved forward. I am so incredibly proud of our team.”