New Perspective

College student Riley Beihl takes over coaching position


Photo by: Sidney Lira

Story by Heather Mowdy, Print Editor

After the old soccer coach resigned, the program was in need of a new, young perspective. 

Riley Beihl is the new soccer coach at PHS. He has been a high school soccer referee for three years now, but this is his first year coaching this age group. 

“I believe that as a new, young coach I am able to bring a fresh perspective to the program, because I was a part of it just a few years ago.” Beihl said. 

Beihl has prior experience coaching younger kids in the area, but coaching older kids also has some advantages. 

The majority of the high school players are coming into the team with at least a little bit of prior experience in soccer,” Beihl said. “I’ve done camps for kids between the ages of three and ten as well as coaching a team of 8-10 year olds, and most of them are coming into soccer for the first time.”

Beihl has been playing since he was little, and played here at the high school for three years. He believes that this program has lots of room to grow, and is very motivated to improve it. . 

“It starts with these kids,” Beihl said. “I’ve only had a couple weeks with the team so far but I can see a lot of talent within it and am very excited for the season to start.”

Along with goals of growth in the players, Beihl also has other visions outside of his team. 

“My main goal for this season is to increase the awareness of the soccer program here at Pittsburg High School,” Beihl said. “I want to fill those stands and get my players the recognition they deserve.” 

Beihl will graduate from Pittsburg State University in December. Since he is still in college, he doesn’t work for the district but rather on campus.   

As I’m sure most coaches would agree, there are always long days,” Beihl said. “I leave for school or work at eight every morning and get home from practice after six most nights. I make sure I’m finding time for any schoolwork I need to get done while still connecting with my friends and family.”

Beihl will graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Business Administration. 

“I plan to go into the digital media industry after I graduate,” Beihl said. “I’m not completely sure on what area I would like the best yet, but I do plan to continue coaching after college, as long as my career allows it.”