Improving Game

Senior Grant Roelfs brings personal experience to the field


Photo by: Francisco Castaneda

Passing off. Senior Grant Roelfs defends the ball against Labette Grizzlies, Sept. 4, at which the Dragons won, 28-0. “I think of my job and how the defense is aligned and where the holes might be.” Roelfs said.

Story by Nolan Turnbull

   During Friday nights, you can see #21 bursting through holes made by his offensive line then outrunning defenders into the endzone. Senior Grant Roelfs takes the field with the help of his teammates and coaches.

   Roelfs started playing football at a young age, his love for the game has followed him throughout his football career. 

   “I started playing tackle football in 3rd grade,” Roelfs said. “I played flag football in Kindergarten.”

   During the offseason, Roelfs worked a lot of strength over the summer. He also made the jump from fullback to running back. This has helped him jump from 353 yards and 6 touchdowns his junior year to 1,120 yards and 13 touchdowns so far his senior year. 

   “Making the jump from fullback last year to running back this year has been a good thing.” Roelfs said. “[I’ve been working on] speed training in the offseason. I’ve been working a lot on getting faster and quicker, I feel like that’s one of the main things that [has] improved.”

   Roelfs has not been the only one seeing improvements throughout the season, on the sidelines and during practices, coach Matt Butler is someone who has been noticing improvements as well. 

   “He’s definitely improved,” Butler said. “The most impressive thing about Grant is how hard he worked in the offseason to get better, faster, stronger.”

   Senior Cale Farrington, a long-time teammate, and the offensive line have been a big help to Roelfs’ success.

   “I along with the other members of the o-line have helped him improve by working more directly with Grant this year,” Farrington said. “He would know what we’re doing and be able to read our blocks better” 

   Butler and many others have seen Roelfs improvement throughout his high school career. Retaining all the advice from his coaches has made it possible for him to succeed on the football field this year. 

   “Grant is probably the most knowledgeable guy that I’ve ever coached in my 16 years,” Butler said. “Helping him improve by just talking to him about what we’re seeing and why we’re doing it is probably what helped him the most because he is able to retain information and apply the information.”