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Student drum majors conduct band through pandemic

Seniors Emma Annan-Noonoo (left) and Sarah Stebbins (right) prepare to conduct

Story by Ashlan Brooks and Mattie Vacca

October 27, 2020

After the second quarter of the home game against Atchison on Oct. 16, the halftime show begins. The people in the stands watch the newly emptied field as the marching band files into neat rows, their posture erect and their instruments poised.  A platform is carried from the sidelines and placed on the 50-ya...

School on the screen: students, teachers adapt to new learning environment

School on the screen: students, teachers adapt to new learning environment

Story by Blaine Dunstan, Reporter

October 27, 2020

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, students have been given the choice whether they want to attend school in person or utilize remote learning. Along with being given the choice to start at school online or in person, students are allowed to switch modes of learning one time to find what fits best...

Mask misinformation: Neck gaiter becomes center of mixed research

Neck gaiter becomes center of mixed research. Read on to learn more about the recently published study.

Story by Jacob Mathew

October 23, 2020

As much of the nation debates about the merits of face coverings, one mask style in particular has come under fire: the neck gaiter. The gaiter is a long tube of fabric which the wearer can slip over their head and neck and pull up over their nose. It is seen as a more comfortable alternative to the ...

PHS alumni donates annual golf tournament funds to GBL club

PHS alumni donates annual golf tournament funds to GBL club

Story by Elle Burgess

October 21, 2020

On Sept. 25, Get Busy Livin’ (GBL) club sponsor Abbey Cummings received a phone call from alum Jamey Sukraw. They arranged a meeting at Countryside Golf Course. During the meeting, he handed her an envelope containing a $1,180 donation.  Sukraw organizes an annual golf tournament to raise funds for do...

Remote learners face Powerwalking challenges

Bridgett Lancaster and powerwalking student Ella Henrickson walk side-by-side.

Story by Ashlan Brooks, Writer

October 15, 2020

While all types of teachers have had to adapt their classrooms to make room for remote learners, some have had to make bigger changes than others. Physical Education teacher Bridgett Lancaster’s power walking class has had to make accommodations for the challenges that come with teaching a PE class r...

Equality Club hosts voter registration booth

Equality Club hosts voter registration booth

Story by Hannah Gray, Sarah Alcantar, and Ashlan Brooks

October 8, 2020

As the 2020 election creeps closer, Equality Club hosted a voter registration booth during lunch to encourage students to register.  The club hosted the booth on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Thursday, Oct. 8.  “We wanted students to be involved as much as they can,” Senior Bailee Edson, member of Equality Cl...

Protesting for Equality: How the Black Lives Matter movement affects Pittsburg

Protesting for Equality: How the Black Lives Matter movement affects Pittsburg

Story by Lane Phifer, Multimedia Editor

June 23, 2020

More than 400 citizens of Pittsburg and surrounding areas participated in a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest on June 8 at Immigrant Park, two of whom were senior Emma Annan-Noonoo and her father, K.O. Noonoo. Both spoke at the protest.  “The BLM protest was very powerful,” Annan-Noonoo said. “There were six speak...

How Covid-19 affects downtown Pittsburg: what’s next?

Photo credit: Ashlan Brooks.
Sign posted on the outside of Pitt Discount Liquor's main entrance. Sign advertises that people use their drive through only due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Story by Ashlan Brooks, Assistant Online Co-Editor

May 15, 2020

Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly, lifted the stay at home order on May 3rd, but enacted a plan to keep the public safe beyond their quarantine. Barbershops, bars, gyms, theaters, hair and nail salons or state-owned casinos aren't allowed to open until May 18th. However, this date could be changed depending...

Alternative workforce experiences

Nick Bastion 12, along with other trade students, is at the CTEC building working on semester project.

Story by Abby Painter, Social Media Editor

April 8, 2020

At 9:00 on Monday morning, senior Jason Campbell walks in the Career & Technological Education Center (CTEC) building, picks up his torch and sparks fly as he begins to weld. Campbell began taking welding classes his junior year. He was inspired by his father to enroll at CTEC after finding ou...

District implements new program to prepare students

Dr. Brad Hanson, assistant superintendent, gave a presentation on a new educational program called Capitals Advanced Personal Studies, also known as CAPS, to local businesses in the community.

Story by Sarah Alcantar, assistant online co-editor

April 7, 2020

There is a new program that will be coming to Pittsburg High School next year. Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is a program that allows students to get immersed in the community and prepare them for the workforce with personalized learning experiences. “It's similar to [internships], but it's s...

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