Volleyball players discuss differences between club and school volleyball

Jaxx Erwin

Story by Hailey Gray, Writer

Club volleyball is a program that usually goes through the fall and winter. It gives girls chances to get extra touches and get better while the school season is not ongoing.

Junior Alaycia Harris has been playing club volleyball for six years. Harris has had plenty of experience on the court and has seen many different levels of competition.

“In school ball we don’t play six foot girls on a daily basis,” Harris said. “So I think that playing for club showed me all of the different varieties of girls that will be seen at the college level.”

Senior Maddie Narges has also been playing club volleyball for six years. She says one of the big differences between club and school is how less time consuming club can be.

“Sometimes club can be more relaxed,” Narges said. “We only have practice twice a week and during school we have practice everyday and games two or three times a week.”

Head coach, Ashlen Riggs, has been coaching at the highschool for two years. She has seen many differences between the girls that play club and the girls that don’t.

“I’ve noticed in the last couple of years that my kids that play club don’t get as excited when the season comes around as you’d think they would,” Riggs said. “I think when you’re able to play volleyball anytime you want it takes the special feeling out of the regular season.”

According to Harris, club volleyball has helped her improve in many ways outside of the sport. 

“It’s grown my social skills, especially playing with different girls from other schools,” Harris said. “So I know a lot of people from different areas which will help me for college.”

For Narges, playing club volleyball has given her more exposure to the game and the skills within.

“It gets me more touches,” Narges said. “And the coaches teach me new skills that some other coaches don’t.”

Riggs acknowledges the positive impacts that club volleyball has on her players, but also states the challenges that can come along with it.

“I think it can be a good thing to learn other ways,” Riggs said. “But, I feel like sometimes my kids develop bad habits so when they come back here and I try to get them to break those habits it can be a struggle.”

Overall, Riggs believes that club volleyball can give girls an advantage in the sport. 

“Players that do play club generally just have a better volleyball IQ,”  Riggs said. “Just being able to get extra touches on the ball and learning different ways to do things is beneficial for them.”