Combating Coronavirus boredom: three ways you can occupy your time

Story by Ashlan Brooks, Print Co-Editor, Online Co-Editor

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, more commonly known as the Coronavirus, many American citizens have been advised to practice social distancing and stay inside their houses as often as possible. While this new isolation is helping to counteract the spread of the disease, it’s not so great at helping students keep occupied. As schools close their doors and move to online classes, it can be hard for students to find ways to entertain themselves. Here are some ways to help fight the boredom and loneliness that has become so closely related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first, is reading. This is something that can be done without any other human contact but that also can provide entertainment for a prolonged period of time. Since most public libraries and schools that give students access to books are closed, some companies have offered students ways to access books online. For example, Scribd, an audiobook and Ebook subscription service, is offering a 30-day free trial to anyone who signs up. On top of that, there’s an app that can be downloaded on a phone called Hoopla that partners with local libraries, including the Southeast Kansas Library, to allow students to electronically check out books and movies from libraries.

This second thing can help curb the feeling of loneliness that comes from social distancing. It’s called Netflix Party and it’s a Chrome Extension that allows students to simultaneously stream Netflix with other people. This is a great way to have movie nights with friends while still practicing proper safety. Another way to still interact with other people is to simply have a video call with them once or twice a day on preexisting apps suchs as Google Duo or FaceTime. All of these eliminate the human contact and can help to slow the spread of the disease.

The third and final thing you can do to combat boredom is to try something new. While students are in school, their brains are constantly being stimulated with new knowledge. It’s important for students to try to keep stimulating their brains by taking up a new hobby or craft in their downtime. It can be anything from learning to play the guitar to baking or gardening. With the abundance of time that is now available daily, students have the time they may not have had before to expand and try the things that interest them. It’s a good way to be productive and there are many online resources like YouTube that can provide instructions to teach students all about any hobbies they decide to take up.

Remember the importance that social distancing has on preventing more cases of the Coronavirus and take comfort in knowing that there are still many ways to keep entertained even when completely alone. Take advantage of the companies that are providing books, movies, and social interaction and, above all, stay safe.