McAfee qualifies for State Tennis Tournament for third year in a row


Photo by: Connor Balthazor

Junior Devin McAfee slices the ball back to his opponent. McAfee has been playing tennis since he was young, and this is his third time competing at the State Tennis Tournament.

Story by Ximena Ibarra, Reporter

Over the past nine years of junior Devin McAfee’s tennis career, he has improved as a player and competed in three tennis state tournaments.

John Seal, PHS tennis coach, has been training McAfee since he was young.

“I’ve taught Devin to play since he [was younger than] eight years old,” said Seal.

In the years he has coached McAfee, he has seen McAfee’s skills grow.

“He has a very good work ethic,” Seal said. “He’s hitting a better forehand and he’s learning to hit a better backhand.”

Along with those skills, McAfee has also improved his serve, volley, his overhead and his composure.  

“I don’t get nervous in matches,” McAfee said.

He has a very good work ethic.

— John Seal

This year, McAfee competed at his third state tournament where the competition was more challenging.

“I didn’t get the best draws,” McAfee said. “A lot of the people that placed over me I had beaten earlier in the year.”

Setbacks aside, McAfee had fun participating in the state tournament.

“I had a couple upsets, but I had a good time.”

McAfee’s goal was to receive an All-State title, but he ended with a 2-2 record. To receive All-State players must be top 12 at state.

“I was trying to get All-State but I didn’t,” McAfee said. “I’ll try to get that next year.”


To qualify for the State Tournament, McAfee competed at the Regional Tennis Tournament hosted at PHS. Joining him were seniors Pat Sullivan, James Richey, Noah Kangas, David Green and sophomore Dakota Caudle. Here are their placings in the tournament, as shown in the brackets, with doubles on the left, and singles on the right.