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2019 senior goodbyes

2019 senior goodbyes

Story by The Booster Redux Staff

May 14, 2019

Click on the images below to read 14 students' final words about their time on the staff of Pittsburg High School student publications.

A day in the life of a teen mom

Junior Neira Garcia spends time with her son, Daniel, after school. Daniel was born in June.

Story by Ximena Ibarra, Managing editor

May 11, 2019

Click below to view the life of junior Neira Garcia. Garcia is the mother to 11-month-old Daniel Garcia. ...

Fostering a life

Illustration by: Lane Phifer and Jorge Leyva

Story by Nicole Konopelko, Editor-in-Chief

April 29, 2019

For 28 days, senior Dacota Storm Price’s home was the small visitors room of a KVC Kansas foster care office in Pittsburg. Price’s time in the office would follow the same routine. During the day, he would eat the Hot Pockets or chicken nuggets the workers heated up for him for breakfast, lunch ...

Recap: Robotics team reflects on season, sets goals for next year

Senior Andrew Riachi, programmer for the FIRST robotics team, puts the final touches onto one of the parts of his team's robot. Once completed, the team competed at the Greater Kansas City Regional Competition, and placed 28th out of 36 teams.

Story by Sarah Alcantar, Reporter

April 24, 2019

Effort, time and concentration are the three things members of the robotics team would say are required to build a robot. Recently, the team has spent time working together as a team so they could get ready for the Greater Kansas City Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. “Once [the team] got w...

The process behind canceling

The process behind canceling

Story by Nicole Konopelko and Lane Phifer

March 4, 2019

Tomorrow is already setting itself up to be another cold day. The National Weather Service (NWS) projects a high of 24°F, a wind chill value as low as five and a possible snow accumulation of 1-2 inches, creating hopes for a snow day. But what factors into the decision to cancel school? T...

Creating irreversible masterpieces

Sophomore Raign Estes exhibits her self imposed tattoos. She gave herself her first tattoo the summer before sophomore year at age 15 in her own home.

Story by Nicole Konopelko, Editor-in-Chief

February 26, 2019

I wanna stay in love with my sorrow, oh, but, God I wanna let it go. For some people, these words are nothing more than Evanescence song lyrics. But for sophomore Temper Raign Jetamio Estes — who was diagnosed with clinical depression in middle school — they’re much more. “I completely under...

Hidden Hits

The Booster Redux’s survey of 175 PHS students found that 114 students, or 65.1 percent, have used a JUUL, and 70 of those students have used it on school property.

Story by Nicole Konopelko and Emma Lawson

December 14, 2018

NOTE: The students interviewed for this story requested anonymity* due to fears of getting in trouble for JUULing on school property, which is against school rules. While her classmates read Romeo and Juliet out loud, freshman Jessica Adams* sticks her hands under her hoodie to take three hits from a...

Constructing a class

Chuck Boyles helps sophomore Cole Ingerson create a prop as a class project. While this is Boyles first year teaching a class, he has been helping behind the stage at PHS for four years.

Story by Maddy Robison, Social Media Editor

October 30, 2018

As they walk into class, students set down their backpacks, pick up a blueprint and trade in their textbooks for safety goggles. This is a normal day for students in Chuck Boyles’s stagecraft class. This year, Boyles teaches two new classes — stagecraft in the fall, and theater design in the spring....

Cooking for a bigger crowd

A server at Mandy's Place sets down a plate to a group  of customers dining during its grand opening.  Mandy's place is owned by Mandy Duncan and Opened Oct. 20 and features Southern cooking. ''If it's not on my menu, I'll cook it for you if I have to,

Story by Emma Fischer, Reporter

October 30, 2018

This October, Mandy Duncan, the mother of senior Keaira and junior Deonte Duncan, turned her dream of opening up a restaurant into a reality. “I always wanted to open up a restaurant.  If you would’ve asked me 15 years ago what I wanted to do, this is what I would tell you,” Mandy said....

Creating new experiences

Creating new experiences

Story by McKenna Hodges, Online Editor

October 30, 2018

Every fourth hour, senior Arely Rodriguez heads down to special education teacher Amber Kloster’s classroom to see the kids who are some of her best friends. Rodriguez is a student aide in Kloster’s class and also helps out with the Special Olympics. While in Kloster’s class, she plays...

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