Juniors form their own Class Council

Story by Laikyn LeFever

On Sunday, Sept. 26th, STUCO held a hallway decorating contest for the grades to participate as an activity during homecoming spirit week. The junior class had the highest turnout for the decorating as a class, the group spent two hours and some money for the supplies needed. 

The group talked together about the past encounters with spirit week and have noticed the school hasn’t been involved like they have in the past. 

“Ever since Covid started we stopped doing a lot of things and we haven’t brought them back, so there’s nothing to look forward to anymore,” junior Brooke O’Hara said. “That was our freshman year so it affects us especially.”

 During a meeting with the administration, the group came up with the idea to start the Junior Council and come up with events to get students more involved in school spirit. 

“We mainly started the group with the intention to just spend time as a class and I think [the Junior Council] will better help the school,” junior JJ White said. “We are just trying to show more Dragon spirit and give kids the experience we had before Covid.”

They have events approved and ready to host like Thriller Night, a kickball tournament on October 30th and Survivor Night. All proceeds will contribute to Prom. Thriller Night is open to all staff and students who want to participate. The Council encourages teams to wear halloween costumes and have unique team names. 

The juniors aren’t sure if they will take over the council or if it will just remain with the class, however they will continue to plan activities as seniors.