Finding our balance


Story by Andrea Rueda and Emily Reams

As students become upperclassmen, it may not be easy to balance extracurriculars and academics for some but being involved at Pittsburg High School is worth the time and effort for some students. 

Senior Owen Miller participates in soccer, debate, forensics and Teenage Republicans as well as other activities.

“I don’t really have free time, but that is okay for me because I take pleasure in my activities,” Miller said.

Senior Joy Lee has expressed how she has experienced difficulty finding a balance between intense academics and extracurriculars.

“There were times where I had to take a step back and maybe quit an activity or prioritize which one is more important than another,” Lee said.

Lee is a leader in Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the tennis team and PHS and Kansas HOSA as well as other activities.

It may get difficult but there are many benefits to being involved in high school like finding a passion through an activity that you may have for a lifetime for Gunner Mengarelli.

“I can allot all three of my extracurriculars together,” Mengarelli said. “For the sake of versatility, theatre ranks number one.”

Junior Gunner Mengarelli participates in theatre, Encore and band and said his favorite of the three right now is theatre.

Being a part of many activities is something senior Mallory Wommeldorff enjoys for the sake of meeting new people.

“I love meeting humans and I love talking to humans,” Wommeldorff said. “I think relationships are what creates the memories, not the activities.”

Wommeldorff is active in spanish club, drama club, and sustainability club, dance team, Encore and theatre.

Staying an active part of activities is something important to junior Ella Rhuems. She participates in Encore, theatre, drama club, dance team, sustainability club and HOSA.

“It is very important to me to get involved because you make so many friends,” Rhuems said. “You have more meaningful connections with your teachers and you learn how to manage things, which is such a great skill to have in life and for college.”