The Booster Redux

Art By Gabe Anderson

Gun Control

November 14, 2017

Senior Miranda Madden runs the sound booth for the upcoming show

Magic behind the curtain

November 9, 2017

Take a knee opinion

Story by Brooklyn Ussery, Reporter

November 9, 2017

Colin Kaepernick pioneered the anthem protests during Aug 2016 over what he was said was “social and racial injustice.” At first he sat on the bench, then a former soldier, Nate Boyer, got in contact with Kaepernick through a...

As he stands on the risers with his fellow encore studnets, junior Neo Holmes feels he will make it through districts.

Ensemble evolution

November 8, 2017

Sophomore Kylee Eidson sings as a part of girls glee, directed by Susan Laushman

Auditioning with Glee

November 8, 2017

Listed from left to right: Junior Lauren Valenzuela, freshman Samantha Maceli, freshman Hannah Holloman, senior Jamie VanWyck and coach Mary Packard

Strong swing

November 7, 2017

Student Publication of Pittsburg High School