Auditioning with Glee


Photo by: Savannah Jones

Sophomore Kylee Eidson sings as a part of girls glee, directed by Susan Laushman

This year 14 girls from Girls Glee have the opportunity to audition for District choir for the first time. Districts is a competition where you sing individually for an all-districts choir performance made up of other qualifiers from Southeast Kansas area.

“My Girls Glee group has improved over the last few years and I just wanted to keep adding more challenges for them and rewarding their efforts,” Teacher Susan Laushman said. “I left it optional for them [to audition], in case they weren’t comfortable with that yet.”

In preparation for the auditions, the girls are given three songs to rehearse for the tryouts which are on Nov. 4 at the Fort Scott Middle school.

“You are given three songs to rehearse and prepare with and when you go to tryout, the judges will pick one for you to sing,” junior Denise Bustamante said.

In the Girls Glee class, they had separated the ones auditioning from the rest for them to practice on their songs.

“Class was a little different but we are still a family,” Sophomore Sapphire Blakemore said. “We all know each other and when one of us is having a bad day, we can always help out and that’s what I like best about the class.”