College or professional football?

Arck expresses beliefs that college football is better than the NFL

Story by Greely Arck

The best parts of fall are obviously the lazy weekend afternoons, the autumn scented candles, apple pie in the oven, and a fluffy blanket; but there’s something far better than all of these combined: college football. Nothing compares to the crazy fans, unmatchable atmosphere, different schools’ banter on Twitter, and coaches that somehow always have something to be overly mad about. College football is a world of its own, there’s nothing that comes close. However, despite college teams holding the crown of being most entertaining, the die-hard NFL fans still try to say otherwise. 

The NFL is an old dog that isn’t even trying to do new tricks. Sure, there will always be the fans who go nuts for their teams, but it doesn’t compare to the atmosphere of college football. The NFL, simply put, is a combination of overpriced tickets, disappointing plays, constant controversy, and is overall taken way too seriously. College football, on the other hand, has all the best traits of an amazing game experience: students who eat, breathe, and sleep for game days, the band coming in at just the right times, intense rivalries, massive upsets, and traditions that make each school unique. No matter how late the game goes, it won’t matter, because college football is on Saturdays. I don’t have to dread waking up for school in the morning, which makes it all the much more enjoyable. College teams also don’t have annoying bandwagoners who claim to have loved any winning team for years; most college football fans went to that school or are from the general area. 

The amount of times I’ve passed out on the couch watching NFL games on Sundays is too many to count, but I’m not sure there’s been a college game I have dozed off to. College football is, and always will be the top tier of entertainment that the professional league could never dream of being.