Siblings on the course

Macelis continue golf careers through high school


Photo by: Amanda Bourbina

From left to right: sophomore Steve Maceli, freshman Sam Maceli, playing golf.

Story by Susana Canales, Reporter

As the golf game teed off, sophomore Steve Maceli heard his sister freshman Sam Maceli trying to distract him from swinging. They have been playing together since they were young and still have a sibling rivalry.

“Sometimes, I get competitive,” Sam said. “It’s hard for me to practice with him because I try to outdo him.”

Steve and Sam have been playing golf since they were six and five, their father encouraged them to get into golf at a young age. They both played for Pittsburg Middle School.

“Once I got to middle school, when I was able to really travel and go compete I started liking it more, I tried harder at golf,” Sam said.

Steve says that playing in middle school was easier, while playing in high school is different and requires more practice.

“Middle school was a cakewalk,” Steve said “in high school I have to work for it more”.

As brother and sister, Steve and Sam play in different golf seasons — Sam in the fall and Steve in the spring — they still manage to find time to practice together whenever they can.

“I would say [Sam] my sister is a little more competitive than me,” Steve said. “I take practices a little more lightly but, we do practice together and we have fun.”

It’s hard for me to practice with him because I try to outdo him.

— Sam Maceli

Science teacher Mary Packard, coach for both boys and girls golf, has been coaching the Macelis since they came to summer camp in middle school. A typical practice for them consists of approach shots, working through their golf bag and a short game.

The Macelis have different reasons on why they like to play golf.

“We work as a team but still, it’s on myself and it’s calm,” Sam said. “Not that many people do golf.”

Steve, on the other hand, plays golf because it’s outdoors and he likes having fun with his friends.

His freshman year Steve made it to state. This season, Steve hopes to achieve this same feat again.

“At state, it was a wonderful experience, definitely my toughest game,” Steve said.  Last season, Sam, qualified for the State Golf Tournament as well. Next season Sam hopes to try to get into top ten for state golf, she also wants to try to shoot a lower score. Sam tied for tenth but ended up losing the playoff and came home with eleventh place.

“I was really proud and happy,” Sam said. “I didn’t think that I was going to make it because I was just a freshman and everyone had more experience than me.”

Despite the differences in their game, Packard assure the Macelis that they are both valuable golfers.

“I’m just glad that they both chose to play golf, we don’t have that many kids but they’re good golfers so it’s always good to have them on your team.” Packard said.

‘I think with Sam having three more years and Steve three more counting this season, it makes it very helpful and kind of a bright future for dragon golf.”