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When anxiety attacks: how students cope

Story by Braden Benson February 4, 2020

According to nurse practitioner Amber Hunziker, the most common mental health concern in Pittsburg High school is anxiety. “I would say depression is high, anxiety is way worse,” Hunziker said....

Illustration by: Lane Phifer and Jorge Leyva

Fostering a life

Story by Nicole Konopelko , Managing Editor April 29, 2019

For 28 days, senior Dacota Storm Price’s home was the small visitors room of a KVC Kansas foster care office in Pittsburg. Price’s time in the office would follow the same routine. During the day,...

Sophomore Raign Estes exhibits her self imposed tattoos. She gave herself her first tattoo the summer before sophomore year at age 15 in her own home. I love [my tattoos], but every time I tattoo myself, I kind of get in front of the mirror and check it out and say I need more, Estes said. I learned to appreciate that those tattoos are more than just an image and theyre an experience for me. Ill always remember the feeling of tattooing them on myself, the process of tattooing them and the time that I did it. I could probably look at each of these tattoos and go back to a day that I did them.

Creating irreversible masterpieces

Story by Nicole Konopelko , Managing Editor February 26, 2019

I wanna stay in love with my sorrow, oh, but, God I wanna let it go. For some people, these words are nothing more than Evanescence song lyrics. But for sophomore Temper Raign Jetamio Estes — who...

The Booster Redux’s survey of 175 PHS students found that 114 students, or 65.1 percent, have used a JUUL, and 70 of those students have used it on school property.

Hidden Hits

Story by Nicole Konopelko and Emma Lawson December 14, 2018

NOTE: The students interviewed for this story requested anonymity* due to fears of getting in trouble for JUULing on school property, which is against school rules. While her classmates read Romeo...

Sitting on the soccer bleachers, junior Caden Bressler embraces his mom, Trasie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring. Caden plays varsity soccer and Trasie is a member of the soccer booster club. Having my mom in the stands makes me play better, Caden said. I want to make her proud.

Surviving the battle

Story by Nicole Konopelko , Managing Editor October 29, 2018

Junior Caden Bressler spends most of his waking hours on the practice field. Starting his second year after moving from Paola, he’s earned varsity positions on the football, soccer, baseball and...

Looking forward: #METOO

Looking forward: #METOO

Story by Journey Jaramillo, Managing Editor April 9, 2018

Though the February issue of the Booster Redux highlighted the rise of the #MeToo movement, the aftermath of sexual assault remained in the dark. Students, who will remain anonymous, along with professionals...



Story by Journey Jaramillo , Managing Editor March 5, 2018
The stories described sexual assaults that took place at home, church, the workplace and on school property. These are their stories. 
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