Staff, students paint commons area

Story by Kaley Mussa and Abby Painter

After being put on the school beautification committee, science teacher Mary Packard decided to make the most of the opportunity. She noticed that the commons area seemed “dark and dirty” in comparison to the new construction.

“The construction seemed to be so bright,” Packard said.  “It has good colors and is clean. So [the beautification committee] got together and just started walking and taking pictures of what needed to be updated to make the school look crisp and fresh.”

Next, they picked their colors and began looking for a painting crew.

“I started asking people if they wanted to paint, and we had several volunteers that wanted to do it,” Packard said. “And it’s awesome now that we have students helping.”

On Aug. 25 teachers and student volunteers came in to begin the painting process.

“We started [at the entrance and] we have now finished painting the entire east wall [and] around the south art cases. We are now working our way down the west wall.”

Once they got started, Packard realized that there was a lot more work to be done than she originally expected.

“The more we looked around, the more we saw that there are just places that still need to be freshened up.” Packard said. “If they are going to keep getting us paint, we are going to keep painting.”