Mulit-Gen 11 Year Anniversary


Story by Lane Phifer, Multimedia Editor

As a way to celebrate the 11 year anniversary of the Pittsburg Multigenerational Choir performance, community members Verna Lou Smith, Sharon Johnson, Corene Stroup, and Janeil Bryan come back for another round of what this year’s show would hold. 

“It’s It is amazing to think that we’ve been singing with the choir for 11 years because it seems like maybe five. Time flies by when you’re having fun,” Johnson said. “This has just been such a blast. For a solid two months, we’re honing in on daily music practices and I know it’ll go by fast.”

This year’s  theme is titled, “70’s to the Max.” Students and community members will be singing a range of songs by ABBA, Elton John, Queen, and more. 

A majority of these songs were released while most community members were in their adolescence. 

“I used to play Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano all the time. All the music that we’re doing this year, I grew up with,” Smith said. “It’s amazing to think that the teenagers we’ve been working with are so intuitive and that they’ve embraced the music.” 

Although Janeil Bryan has only been apart of the Multigenerational Choir for ten years, her passion for the program continues to grow with every performance. 

“Most of us have been involved in music throughout high school, college, and even in the church choir. Plus, Susan Laushmen picks the best music and makes sure that we’re challenged,” Bryan said. “One of the most important draws for me is being able to interact with our students. It’s amazing and it’s nice to be around such youthful people because it makes us feel young too.”