The Glow Show must go on: band adapts tradition during pandemic

Ava Carper

Story by Katie Davis, Videographer, Reporter

As the marching band and color guard step into place and the drum major’s arms are put into motion conducting, the beginning notes of The Spencer Davis Group song, “Give Me Some Lovin’” start to play. The stadium grows dark and the only light given is what is coming from the instruments and students on the field.

While having to cancel band camp this year due to COVID-19, Pittsburg High School band continued on with performances. The first performance this year was a halftime show for a football game. Now, the second and last performance for the year is the annual Glow Show. 

The Glow Show has been happening for five years and falls on the last home football game of the season. Although this year’s last home game was canceled, the band and color guard shined on at the Carnie Smith Stadium at PSU. 

The Glow Show is a display of lights on students and their instruments while they play and march their drills. There are a variety of glowing methods used for this event including EL wire, fairy lights, Christmas lights, glow sticks as well as other battery powered items. 

The marching band performs the songs they have been rehearsing all year: “Give Me Some Lovin’” by The Spencer Davis Group, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen and “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce. 

It’s something different that you don’t get to see every day

— senior Sarah Stebbins

This event was unique compared to their performances before.

“It’s something different that you don’t get to see every day,” senior drum majorette Sarah Stebbins said. “You don’t normally see a bunch of people lit up in the dark marching on the field.”

In preparation, the marching band was split into two different in-person classes and one remote class. While rehearsing, students had bell covers or coffee filters on their instruments, practiced social distancing and stayed at least eight feet away from one another during drills.

While only having done one show in the light, memorization was key for this performance.

“[We have been] practicing quite a bit with memorization because we are going to be in the dark and we can’t really see our music,” freshman Cassidy McMurray said. “A lot of work on memorization.” 

Health regulations cancelled most of the performance opportunities, but the annual Glow Show was something that brought an almost-normal aspect to this year.

“I’d have to say my favorite part of the Glow Show is when the lights go out and seeing everybody glow and how we just light up the field,” senior Kole Perez said.

While a newer tradition, the Glow Show has become a fan favorite.

“My favorite part I would have to say is probably just entertaining people,” sophomore Will Williams said. “Whenever we do it, people just seem to love it.”