Raising The Par | Maceli Shares Passion For Golf

Story by Nicole Konopelko, Managing Editor

A few years ago, sophomore Steve Maceli’s dad convinced him to pick up a golf club in place of his baseball bat.

Fast forward a few years later, he’s the eight place winner of the 5A Southeast Kansas boys golf tournament, thirteenth place winner at the Regional Golf Tournament and state tournament qualifier.

“It feels pretty good for my work to pay off,” Maceli said. “I can definitely feel improvement in myself, even though I always need to work hard on it. My passion for this [sport] will always be there.”

Maceli said his success came as a result of lots of individual practice. His typical practice time ranges from about four to six hours a day, he says.

“I spend most of my time putting,” Maceli said.  “I could drop a good two to three hours in putting from five feet away.”

Maceli hopes to qualify for the Boys State Golf Tournament again next year.  

“I’m in a great position,” Maceli said. “It felt pretty darn good to go to state and I’m sure more of us will go next year.”