“Vote them out”

Sullivan advocates for new representatives


Art by: Gabe Anderson

Story by Patrick Sullivan, Reporter

The phrase “vote them out” could be the strongest call to action for my generation. The March for Our Lives took place on March 24, and displayed the increasing disdain for inaction within our government.

Young and old alike gathered in towns from Pittsburg, to Washington, D.C. to show support for those who lost their lives in the Stoneman Douglas  High School shooting on Feb. 14. Along with honoring the victims, young protesters gathered to share their stories of gun violence and help give a voice to those who could not speak up before it was too late.

Protests such as these unite our generation and show that the people want action to be taken, but mean nothing in the long run if they are not put into law by congress. This is why voting out policymakers unwilling to make changes is the most important thing voters can do. This has no longer become a partisan issue, both parties see too far apart and make compromise.

The phrase “thoughts and prayers” has rung from many politicians recently, demonstrating their desire to share condolences but follow with no action. Students have also shared what they intend to do come election time.

Protests such as these unite our generation and show that the people want action to be taken…

— Patrick Sullivan

“Politicians either represent the people or get out “said Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting “Stand for us or beware. The voters are coming.”

The threat of an upheaval in lawmaker’s seats will make an impact that the ones in control cannot ignore. Our generation has been outspoken and frustrated with the status quo. I can say on behalf of many adults that we are making them proud while also driving others crazy.

In the end, safety of students is more important than who gets to make decisions in government. When the two become intertwined, the latter must change. Without a magic answer to this problem, inaction is the worst possible solution.