Q&A with sophomore Natalie Horner


Sophomore Natalie Horner

Story by Hannah Gray, Print Co-Editor, Online Co-Editor

What do you like about choir?

I haven’t been in encore very long so this is only my first month, but my favorite part about the choir is probably the atmosphere. We have a very peer-oriented atmosphere and obviously I love singing so that plays a role in the choir too.

When did you start showing interest in choir?

I have been in choir ever since I was a little kid. I loved it and still do. None of my family was ever very musical but I started doing plays when I was little and I’ve been singing ever since. 

What is the best part about choir? 

A lot of the upperclassmen help you through the class. So if I’m struggling with a certain song or some notes they are always there to help. There is a lot of mentoring opportunities. I stand right next to Addy Campbell. Her and Mckenna Shaw are really there for me and they are always helping me.