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“Man of the Woods”

Johnson reviews Justin Timberlake's newest album

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Justin Timberlake’s fourth studio album, “Man of the Woods,” was released on Feb. 2.

Timberlake has always written pop songs, but as the years went on, he has started to expand his career.

Since his first album, Timberlake has made three other albums, two compilation albums and 17 other charted songs. He also first appeared on the New Mickey Mouse club when he was younger.

Out of the 16 songs in the album, my top three songs are “Breeze Off the Pond,” “Livin Off the Land,” and “The Hard Stuff.” These songs caught my interest because they have the upbeat sound in music I look for. I usually only listen to country music which and that’s what I look for, but for this particular album I tried to expand my interest by listening to this genre.

I was really impressed with “Breeze Off the Pond.” This song was probably my favorite of the whole album overall, this album was really good. I don’t usually listen to pop music, but I really enjoyed this album.

However, there was one song I was not quite satisfied with. I only lost interest in one song and that was “Filthy” It didn’t fit the album very well and it lost my interest in the first couple of minute of the song.  It was really similar to his earlier song “SexyBack” and I enjoyed that song a lot when it first came out but as time went on I started to lose interest in it because it was overplayed.

I don’t usually listen to pop music, but I really enjoyed this album.”

— Jorden Johnson

The song “Filthy” was really similar but I think that it could of been better because to me the song was really slow and doesn’t compare to any other songs in his album but the other 15 songs were really good.

I enjoyed the way Timberlake presents himself in the songs as a strong individual.

He has made a lot of good hits and I think that the new album will continue to impress. They’re good quality songs. The lyrics express a lot of feelings about his career.

Overall, this album was really good. I don’t usually listen to pop music, but I really enjoyed this album. Rating: ⅗

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“Man of the Woods”