Convenient Coffee

Story by Greely Arck, Writer

Coffee is arguably one of the best things to ever be created. Personally, 99% of my blood is made up of caffeine. Have I been late to school for a Starbucks run? Yeah, many times. However, the new iced coffee stand the amazing cafeteria staff has started in the commons has been the best thing to ever happen at PHS. Instead of waking up 30 minutes early to sit in a drive through line that wraps around Scooters or Starbucks, PHS students can easily grab an iced coffee at school. Not only is this extremely convenient, it is also extremely cheap. My usual order from Starbucks – an iced shaken blonde and ristretto espresso with oat milk, if anyone was wondering, costs almost six dollars for a grande, Starbucks’s name for a medium. Here, an iced coffee is only three dollars, and it’s a little bigger than a grande. They even have different flavor options, like vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, hazelnut, English toffee, chocolate, and more. They are also expanding their flavors, and will soon be offering seasonal syrups like Belgium cookie, pumpkin pie, and salted caramel. I hate to call them out, but Starbucks doesn’t even offer some of those. While I feel like I’m cheating on my first love, PHS’s coffee is giving Starbucks a run for its money. Of course, there are some differences. If you like hot coffee, which should be a felony, you cannot get that here. If you’re a frappuccino person, what are you, five years old? Just kidding, but that’s something that is also not offered. For most PHS students, though, iced coffee is their go-to order, making the commons coffee a quick and easy grab. Not only can you get your coffee fix, you can also grab a free breakfast right next to the stand. It is the perfect set up, and has saved me time and money. Make sure to snag a cup the next time you have a few dollars on you.