Searching for a place to call home

Meadows sheds light on the Pittsburg housing market and its affects on local families


Story by Jerrick Meadows

Due to the current over-inflation in the housing market, graduating students are going to have a difficult time finding residence after high school. 

According to the top Real Estate Agent in Crawford County, Monica Angeles, buying a house now is much more difficult than buying a house than 2 years ago. The reason for the inflation is due to a housing shortage.

“[Buying a house would be] 15-20% cheaper 2 years ago compared to today,” Angeles said. “It’s more difficult now because of a housing shortage, [which results in] supply and demand issues.”

More and more people are looking to buy houses right now. Due to the housing shortage, less of those people are going to be able to get houses, making each house more valuable. 

Since more people are in the process of buying houses, according to Angeles she’s been a lot busier with her job.

“Last year my sales increased 35% from the years before.”

The housing market inflation is not new news. “I’m aware of the over inflation in the market right now.” says Junior, Ethan Rhodes. “Yes, [I am aware of the housing market inflation]” says Senior, Gabe Beaman.

Students after high school are looking for something new, something better. 45 out of the 72 students that took part in the poll on Pitt Media’s Instagram said that they were going to buy or rent a house after High School. That’s 63% of students.

Beaman shared some of his post-high school housing plans. “I plan on Renting. I’ll buy once I have a stable income. Right now, I’m just looking for a place to stay, a roof to be under, a start to a new life.” says Gabe. “I’m not looking for anything too special.”

Whether you plan on buying or renting, the market is not in the customer’s favor. Rhodes’ family is currently in the process of looking for a house. 

“It’s a good thing for the seller and a bad thing for the buyer because you don’t want to pay for a house you can’t afford.” 

According to Rhodes, the housing market has had a positive impact on him and his family. An offer was put up for his house, even though it wasn’t on the market. “It affected us positively because someone bought our house when it wasn’t even for sale.” says Rhodes. 

So now he and his family are going through the hard part of the real estate market: buying. And he would rather buy than rent.

“I would rather buy a house than rent because there are sometimes rules for renting. Like you can’t drill holes in the wall to remodel, you have limitations on what you can do, and when you buy, you can do what you would like too with your house.” 

According to Rhodes, the most important part of a house is functionality.

“I would say an important feature in a house would be space and how well things work like air conditioning and water.”

Angeles has a solution to the housing dilemma. “The fix- More houses need to be built and more workers should be hired for updating and repairing existing homes. That way, the houses wouldn’t be as valuable, bringing down the cost of them and making them more affordable.”