How the Chef Became “The Chef.”

Story by Jerrick Meadows

Photo by: Alyssa Cosens

PHS has a full time chef, Anthony Fischer, who has been working here for three years. But it wasn’t until this semester that he began working full time.

“[The culinary program at PHS] at was still a Fort Scott program,” says Fischer. “Then the teacher from Fort Scott asked me to take over the class. I dropped everything and jumped on board full-heartedly.”

Chef Fischer’s decision to become a chef wasn’t a childhood dream. It actually came about quite sporadically.

“I went on a road trip after I got out of the military. I was driving through Colorado, and I stopped at this little roadside Cafe. I went inside because the door was open and the sign was on, but there was nobody to be found. I heard voices and cheering in the back and followed them. There, they were having family dinner, eating all the leftovers from the week. It wasn’t necessarily family, but everyone who worked in the restaurant. I then realized dinner wasn’t just a time to eat, but it was a time for bonding. It’s a time for bonding and camaraderie, and they were all smiling and laughing. It was then that I thought, ‘that’s what I want to do’.”

Along with making memories, Chef Fischer loves teaching kids something new.

“My class is all about new experiences. Kids who take my class get to try or do something that they’ve never done before.” Chef said.

One of the things that the class has worked on is whole muscle roasting.

“They take a pork loin, and they roll it out and then stuff it,” Chef said. “Then, they roll it back up and are taught how to do a butcher’s tie. Then they roast the muscle.”

Chef Fischer was asked what his favorite thing to cook and what his favorite thing to bake was.

“Well right now, my favorite thing to cook is a toss up between large muscle roasts and prime rib. And I would have to say my favorite thing to bake is brownies or cookies.”

Not only is he passionate about his teaching, but he is passionate about growing his own skills as well.