Searching for a Study Spot: Students find alternative areas to study during COVID-19


Photo by: Lane Phifer

Senior Rebekah Sheward takes notes for her encore class at Root Coffeehouse.

Story by Lane Phifer, Multimedia Editor

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have faced many challenges. From having to stay six feet apart, limited spacing and a scarce amount of locations to choose from, finding a safe space to study or work on assignments can be challenging.

However, students have found ways to be innovative and safe this semester. Some like to study at home, the library, others at school and some even go to Root Coffeehouse. 

Prior to the pandemic, senior Rebekah Sheward studied at the Pittsburg Public Library. However, once inside entry was prohibited as a result of COVID-19, Sheward began studying at Root more frequently. 

“The pandemic affected where I studied a lot because I love to work at multiple places and that restricted a lot of them,” Sheward said. “Such as the public library, you can’t go in and Root is the only place where I feel like I’m socially distanced enough to feel comfortable while still being able to concentrate on what I’m doing.”

According to senior Andrea Bandy who has been studying at Root for the last two years, she believes the coffeehouse is the best public space for studying since it provides a COVID-19 safe space.

“It’s the best public space for studying because there’s a good amount of distance to feel safe, they also have awesome people, awesome drinks, food and it’s overall a great environment. They provide free Wi Fi access and local businesses you can purchase from,” Bandy said.  “Studying at home can be hard for me and so I’ve found that being at Root helps me get into the mindset that I need to complete my work.”

Apart from studying at Root, some students enjoy studying in private. Senior Cole Jameson prefers to study at home to prevent being COVID positive and going into quarantine. 

“I’ve always liked to study and work on my assignments from home, but when COVID hit I knew continuing to study at home was the right choice,” Jameson said. “I feel more serene at home. There’s not a lot of noise and I’m able to focus on my work so I can get things done sooner rather than later.”

According to Bandy, finding a study space that you feel most comfortable is important despite the struggle that may come with it. 

“It’s been difficult to find an area to study this year, especially with all the precautions we’re having to take, but thankfully I found a spot that works for me,” Bandy said. “If you work better in the quiet, then you should create a space for yourself. But if you like being surrounded by people or having some background noise, then you might want to go to Root, the library or any of your favorite study spots. Finding a spot where you’re comfortable and that makes you want to do your work is something everyone should have.”