Student Media of Pittsburg High School

Photo by: Athennah Jones

Tate Campbell, Sophomore, Cop

“Theater is honestly not something you can’t put into words, it’s the magic you see onstage. We put so much work into our shows and the payoff is my favorite. Getting to go onstage and make people laugh or surprise them or make them cry is my favorite. You decide what’s going to happen because you’re bringing your character and the show alive. It’s unlike anything else out there and I love it. “Clue On Stage” is surprising. It’s very funny and you never know what we’re about to do. It is a murder mystery and comedy, which sounds easy but it’s very difficult. You have to pull it off just right and I think that we’ve gotten there. I’m so excited that we get to perform this on a stage and that we will have people coming to see it. You should definitely come see it. I think this show will appeal to all kinds of people whether you’re in high school, in college, a parent, a grandparent, or a person across the world. Since we’re doing online streaming we have people coming from all over the country and people from out of the country. I’m so excited for people to come see this and anyone considering it should definitely come.”

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