Student Media of Pittsburg High School

Photo by: Athennah Jones

Hannah Sanford, Freshman, Shadow Figure

“This production will appeal to the community not only because it’s a chance for the people who work from home to get out and do something, but also because it’s something that we’ve worked really hard on. Since it’s also October, which is the spooky season, people will have the chance to get their Halloween spirit on by coming to see a show that’s literally about murder. Like, who doesn’t want to come see that? It doesn’t only have horror elements though because it also has humor and comedy in it, so if you need a good laugh in these hard times this is a good show to come and see! Please come and see our show! We have worked really hard on this show and we’ve put a lot of our time and effort into this production. If you have kids, take them to see us too! If you want to see it but don’t want to leave your house, we have online streaming tickets! Not available one day? Come one of the other days! Please come see our show, since not only does it make us happy that people are coming to see it, but it also benefits our school and the theatre department.  So please, come see our show.”

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