Student Media of Pittsburg High School

Photo by: Athennah Jones

Ethan McConnell, Senior Colonel Mustard

“I enjoy all of the people I end up meeting and I really enjoy being able to be myself around other people that are just like me and like the same things as me.  It’s really great getting to jump into a part I have never had or ever really had anything close to.  It’s something new every show and that’s what makes it fun.  I also enjoy all the twists the show puts out on stage.  You never know what’s coming next. It is very comical and can also be attention grabbing.  If you stop paying attention, even for a little bit, you might have missed something important.  Every minor detail in the show, as in set or dialogue or costume, is very important to the show’s success. It will really keep you on the edge of your seat.  You definitely should come see it because we have worked really hard, even during this pandemic.  A lot of hardships to overcome just to perform this show for others.”

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