Student Media of Pittsburg High School

Photo by: Athennah Jones

Emma Noonoo, Senior, Mrs. Peacock

“I really enjoy playing my character, Mrs. Peacock, because I get to take on an intolerant mindset that in real life I actively avoid. It’s also fun to play a character who has such large reactions to the scene happening around her. The cast is all so wonderful and bouncing lines off each other is one of the best parts of my day. We also have so much fun backstage. All around, it’s been a lovely show to be a part of. I know that people are often apprehensive about seeing plays because they are “boring” compared to musicals. But Clue is a very engaging show, and it is only an hour and ten minutes long so it keeps your attention. There are clues about the murder mystery, inside of a funny show with some unexpected elements.”

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