Student Media of Pittsburg High School

Photo by: Athennah Jones

Annabella Beachner, Senior, Ms. Scarlett

“Theatre gives me not only an opportunity  to shine on stage, but to provide entertainment for others in such a raw form with acting and completely taking over a role. The comradery within theatre is also unmatched, as we all look out for each other in order to make a great show on stage. Shaw helped me realize my passion for theatre through his own teaching, and ever since, I’ve been hooked. I love having fun with the cast, and all of the funny gags and jokes within the show. Some of the gags are so funny that we will break character with each other, but my favorite part is just getting to have a fun time with the people I love. This is a murder mystery, so it’s always a hit with audiences as they feel they can participate in figuring out the story. The show is also not only family friendly (sort of…) but is also very eye-catching and entertaining, keeping the show moving quickly! They should definitely come see the show because not only is it a total nostalgia play for anyone who grew up with clue, but the funny gags and the cast’s acting skills is totally killer! (pun intended). You’ll definitely have a great time watching the show with all of the blackmail, murder, and secrets to find throughout this stellar show. If you don’t come, watch your back- there’s a murderer on the loose!”

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