Antonio Clown breaks up with NFL

Sullivan says good riddance


Photo by: Lane Phifer

Photo Credit: Lane Phifer. Art depicts Taylor, Antonio’s former general Manager, and Antonio brown.

Story by Ian Sullivan, Reporter

As a life-long Kansas City Chiefs fan, I can confidently say that I strongly dislike former NFL player Antonio Brown.  On Aug. 10, Brown’s former trainer filed a federal lawsuit against him accusing him of sexual assault.

As the news of his recent sexual assault charge was released, it really didn’t surprise me one bit. 

He’s a narcissist and borderline sociopath who thinks of himself so highly that he thinks he is the center of the universe. 

Starting just last year in 2018, Brown’s egotistical attitude became evident after his numerous arguments with his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. After skipping practices, breaking league rules and even a heated argument with his quarterback, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. Little did the world of football know, this would only be the beginning of Brown’s controversies.

Just in the last couple of months, sports media has gone wild with new headlines about Brown almost every week.

In May of this year, Brown would get into an argument with the Raiders organization because they wouldn’t let him use his old helmet. Yes, you heard me correctly. A helmet. Brown risked his eligibility and his tenth NFL season over a football helmet. 

It’s these kinds of things that make me not like Brown at all. He acts as if he is the world revolves around him.

To keep things brief, Brown would later threaten to punch his general manager and was traded to the New England Patriots. Less than a week after his trade-deal, Taylor’s accusations hit the mainstream media.

The takeaway from all of these incidents is that it’s obvious that Brown has a hard time being told no, and it simply doesn’t surprise me that Taylor came forward and accused Brown of such a heinous act.