Q&A with Army Star student Timothy Weller


Photo by: Joy Lee

Story by Joy Lee, Communications Chair

What is Army Star?

It’s a leadership program in which students learn about the Army.

Why did you choose to be a part of Army Star?

[I joined because of] its values, practical skills, how to tell military time, first aid, how to use a map, plus good public speaking and the chance to become physically fit. I liked the idea of joining a JORTC and [I] wanted to learn more about the military and how it functions.

Are you planning on joining the military later on in life?

Yes, I want to go to the United States Air Force Academy and graduate to become a Fighter Pilot. I’m planning on serving at least for two enlistments.

How does Army Starr prepare you for your future plans?

It teaches you the values of the military, how it functions, important common aspects of the service, and their time tables and what to expect in training.