A vivid read for PHS

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A vivid read for PHS

Story by Antonio Ortiz, Reporter

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The library has a little known collection, and it’s one that many readers find themselves engrossed in. That collection is manga. Manga is similar to comic books in nature and contains a lot of different subgenres as well. 

The library has a collection of manga, one that Mrs. Warren, librarian of the PHS library, has to manage very frequently, “It is right as soon as you walk in the door, and there’s a reason for that,” Mrs. Warren said. “because it is my highly is my most highly circulated collection. Really, That is the most checked out stuff in the entire library.” 

it is my highly is my most highly circulated collection.”

— Samantha Warren

Despite it being one of the most circulated collections of the library, Sapphire Blakemore, senior at PHS, when asked if the collection could grow replied, “Yeah, definitely. I haven’t looked at it in a bit, but I’ve passed by it because I haven’t had time to read a ton of manga lately.” Blakemore said. “Whenever I was in my freshman and sophomore year, I read a bunch of manga all the time. And they seem to have a really wide variety. I’m really happy about that.”

While the collection has room to grow, there’s still a lot of choices, as freshman Jonathan Spear points out. “There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there,” Spear said.  “I was thinking of starting to read Full Metal Alchemist. I think they have a pretty good collection of it.” Jonathan is also hopeful for new readers and says, “If you like comic books, and you like anime, you should check this out.”

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