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Scott models her pink sweater and gray blazer she thrifted at Goodwill. Photo by McKenna Hodges

Rose Scott

I was really poor when I grew up and it wasn’t really a choice. I didn’t go thrift shopping just because it was “trendy”. I actually got made fun of because I wore second-hand clothing and people used to call it nasty. It irks me because now the same people who made fun of me for thrifting and thought it was gross are doing it now because they think it’s quirky. Now you can find really cool stuff. I’ve been here since day one since I was poor. Thrifting also provides you [a wider array of styles and seasons]. When you go to a retail store, you are limited to what the store has to offer for that certain season. Thrifting provides you with variety. Walmart or H&M wouldn’t sell a dad sweater from the 60s. You have the potential to find things that are [unique].

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