On the move

Library relocates temporarily for construction


Photo by: Hannah Abarca

Photo by Hannah Abarca

Story by McKenna Hodges, Co-Editor-In-Chief

In April, 1,400 books will be moved from the library to an on-sight storage facility. The library will be condensed into a smaller selection throughout the months of April and May. The high school construction process has been broken down into three phases, with the library being in the third.

“I’m excited about the finished product,” librarian Samantha Warren said. “Everything has to be done methodically and we still have to figure out what we’re putting the books in and where they’re going.”


The original location for the miniature library was room 224. Because the room has to be used for other classes, the condensed library’s location is still being decided.

“We have to have a place for Mrs. Warren to be able to function out of. The best we can do right now is a conference room,” principal Phil Bressler said. “It’s not big, but she’ll be able to check out computers to kids who may need them and books she thinks will be needed.”

Warren is preparing for the challenge.

“If I’m able to, I’m going to line the walls with shelves and have the best little library that I can,” Warren said. “I’m going to try my best to have something [for kids to read].”


In August the library will be restored to its original size, along with new additions. The new library will face slightly east compared to the old one, sitting in the spot where room 301 is. The library will feature new interior and collaboration rooms, where students will have space to utilize for various projects. Another feature will be the subtraction of the computers, which will be replaced by Chromebooks.

“Most of the classrooms have computers in them, so the expectation is that they’ll do their work in there,” Warren said. “I’ll have a cart available for students, but the laptops will be like the ones the teachers have in their classrooms.”

According to Bressler, the idea for the new library is more space for students to work by themselves and with each other.  The new library will feature four collaboration rooms and two workrooms.

“I’m worried about not having access to computers anymore, but I think the conference rooms will be a good thing for students,” sophomore Rose Scott said.

“I think the collaboration rooms will be a good thing for the students involved in debate and forensics. It’ll be nice to have the extra space for practice.”

The bigger conference rooms will be classroom size and will be able to hold 8 to 12 people. The collaboration rooms will be open for club meetings as well as team projects.  

“We’re making a shift in 1979, when the building was being opened, you needed the library to get the information which was all housed in books,” Bressler said.

“Now the information is available at your fingertips, so the role of the library has shifted into being more of a collaboration space and a media maker space.”