Q&A with senior Jaya Minniefield


Photo by: Unknown

Senior Jaya Minniefield (right) protests for the BLM movement.

Story by Robert Hernandez Gomez

Why do you wear Black lives matter merch?

“Because I am black and it stands for a lot. My dad wants me to represent it and of course I will because I want to do it for myself.”

What does Black lives matter mean to you?

“When I hear BLM I think history automatically because of people who started it like Rosa Parks or Dr. Martin Luthur King Jr. It’s an eye-opener because you realize who actually cares. I could hang out with some friends and we would not even speak about it but with my other friends we would always talk about it and see what has changed or what’s going on in the news. It opens my eyes to see who is real and who is living a double life and it’s an eye opener to see who supports me and if you don’t support it I am going to see you differently.”

What kind of impact does BLM have on you as a woman of color?

“A lot. Being a woman in this society and being also african american, I feel like I stand out more, especially going to school, where there are not as many women of color.”

If you could tell anyone about why they should support BLM, what would you tell them?

“It’s not even black lives matter, it’s that at the end of the day all lives matter and you should not see color because at the end of the day we still bleed the same blood.”

Why do you think the BLM movement is important in this society?

“We are slowly getting there but we still have a long way to go. In the decade that we live in, Gen-Z is always trying to make a move and to have a voice and fight for something.”