Girls basketball practices during quarantine

Story by McKenna Hodges, Co-Editor-In-Chief

After consulting with county health officials, activities director Jeff Staley came up with a plan to let student-athletes practice together while still practicing safe quarantine procedures. 

“The best comparison that I can make to what we’re doing is what the elementary classes were doing when they would quarantine,” Staley said. “They could get together as long as they weren’t exposed to anyone else.” 

Boys basketball, wrestling and girls basketball have all been able to practice while players were under quarantine. To make sure that their risk of exposure is minimized, students use the gym before anybody else is in the building, and can only practice with certain players. 

“They can only play with those who are in quarantine because of the same exposure, so if someone isn’t in quarantine then you’re adding an exposure,” Staley said. “So basically those who are quarantined for the same reason can play together.”  

Senior Ela Hendrickson said that being able to stay active during quarantine was a big advantage for her senior season.
“It’s very important to stay involved in activities because in basketball, you have to be in good shape or the other team is going to run circles around you,” Hendrickson said. “The more we can get in the gym and be together, the better we’ll be.” 

Junior Cheyenne Hunt agrees with Hendrickson, that practicing during quarantine will help her play better during the season. 

“Practicing during quarantine will help us because we get to continue to get reps in and work on things that we need to work on,” Hunt said. “It’s important to stay active during quarantine, and prepare for our next game.”