Freshmen football take the field


Freshmen football team during practice on Thursday, Aug. 29. Photo by Noemi Hernandez

The season of football has arrived. The freshman football team, which consists of 20 players, will be taking the field soon.

Majority of the team has been in the weight room over the summer preparing for the season. According to freshman quarterback Jackson Turnbull, there is strength in fewer players. 

“We’re all pretty close together,” Turnbull said.

With 20 athletes, players will have more time on the field. The more practice someone gets the better they get, and that’s what they get to do because they don’t have very many kids.

“We get a lot of reps so we know what we’re doing,” Turnbull said.

According to Jackson there isn’t one specific person that takes charge, and they all have a balance of who leads who. 

“[We hold each other accountable] in running. Whenever everyone else hops on someone for not running,” Turnbull said. 

According to Jackson there are challenges to overcome. With 20 kids the same kids are playing offense and defense, meaning the same players are always running on the field.

“[We need to be] more conditioned to playing a lot, and if you can do it both ways, it’d be good,” Turnbull said.