Q&A with senior volleyball player Faith Turner


Senior Faith Turner

How has being involved with this volleyball team these past few years impacted you and your high school experience?
I am going to miss the team aspect the most. I will miss knowing that we are all working towards one goal. Being a part of this volleyball team has made my high school experience amazing. Just knowing I have people who will have my back on and off the court, has just made high school easier.

What are you looking forward to most for your last year on the team?
I am looking forward to the team’s new coach, but also playing with this team just one last time.

What kind of bonds have been created throughout the years with this team?
I would say we are all like a family. We may not live together. But on and off the court we are like a family.

What are your plans to make your last season the most memorable for you?
I plan on making everyone on the team feel welcome, and making everyone feel like they are apart of our family.