Turner and Robinson earn first in three events at state


Junior Faith Turner and Laken Robinson both placed first in three different event at the state competition.

Story by Matthew Moore, Managing editor

This year at the Kansas State Track and field meet, two juniors earned first in three events.

Faith Turner triple jumped 38’10” and long jumped 19’2.5”.

Turner worked mainly with her jump coach, Rob Cummings.

“[Faith] is so coachable and can make adjustments on the fly,” Cummings said. “She wants to be the best every time she steps on the runway. No matter what is happening, she keeps pushing forward and figures out a way to get the job done.”

This is Turner’s second year placing first in the triple jump and long jump at state.

“It meant the world to me to win state for the second year in a row in long jump and triple jump,” Turner said. “It has been my goal all season to win it again and the fact that I reached that goal just made everything even better.”

Turner tries to focus before all of her jumps.

“Before I jump my mom always says ‘Do the best that you have for today’ and that’s normally what I think about before I jump,” Turner said. “It felt amazing knowing that all the work that I have put in for both of my jumps paid off.”

It felt amazing knowing that all the work that I have put in for both of my jumps paid off.

— Faith Turner

According to Cummings, Turner focuses on goals.

“Faith is self-motivated,” Cummings said. “I try very hard to remind her what her goals are and to keep pressing to achieve those goals.”

Turner is ranked 34th overall in the nation and 14th in the nation for high school juniors in triple jump.

Laken Robinson placed first in the high jump with 5’6”.

Robinson worked with her coach, Jordan Woods, during this season.

“She was willing to work and get out of her comfort zone some,” Woods said. “Especially when it came to helping her team out.”

Robinson worked during practice to strengthen herself and prepare for the state meet.

“My coaches set up workouts for me to do after practice that focused on building up my leg muscles,” Robinson said. “They also were constantly researching new drills for me to do that would help me get better.”

According to Woods, the extra work is what set her apart.

“It was great to see her gain even more confidence as she put in extra work after practice in the weight room to get stronger,” Woods said. “I honestly think this extra hard work is what got her the championship.”

Robison was prepared to win by the time she got to the state meet.

“Before state, I just tried to be confident,” Robinson said. “I kept telling myself that I knew I was going to win until I actually did win.”