Intro to art students conquer spooky subjects

Story by Jesse Conrad, Reporter

Students enrolled in an intro art class are getting a chance to express themselves by drawing their fears. Art teacher Rebecca Lomshek has discovered creative ways to feature these students’ artistic skills.

In the recent months, students have been practicing for big projects that they will complete throughout the year. Students will be able to demonstrate and develop their art abilities through these projects. 

Mrs. Lomshek has included a new first project for her Intro to Art class. “We are working on expressions of fear,” Lomshek said. “This was student’s introduction to different drawing skills… using pen and ink and incorporating value into their work.”

Photo by: Alyssa Hotze

By drawing their phobias, students can showcase their creativity by utilizing objects and ideas that usually causes them panic and anxiety. 

“[I drew] a spider because I am scared of spiders… [I’ve had this fear] my whole life.” said junior Benjamin Shawn 

The project starts off with the student drawing their fear or phobia on tracing paper. They would then trade their work with five other students who would then draw their basic fear onto each other’s papers. Finally, the original owner of the paper would more fully develop everyone’s drawing.

“It’s been a really neat project… there’s a collaborative aspect in that each student thought of something they were most fearful of.” Lomshek said.

Students are given the opportunity to explore their talents in the different art projects that Lomshek provides. They can take something that is a part of their life and apply it to art. 

“Where I live there are a bunch of brown recluses,” said junior Kandace Logan. “They’re very venomous.” 

The phobia project has been successful in helping kids express themselves using something that they’re afraid of and improving their artistic skills. “This [project] was a first for me,” Lomshek said. “I’ve been really really happy with the results.”