Rhuems teaches class for life outside of school


Photo by: Emma Barnhisel

A student in Rhuems’s Applied English and Communication class works.

Story by Braden Benson

Applied English and Communication is a class that educates students on subjects that apply to real life situations. It’s a one semester class taught by English teacher Audrey Rhuems. 

According to Rhuems, this is her second year of teaching this class and has altered it a little bit from what it formerly was.

“I’ve changed it actually quite a bit from what [it used to be],” Rhuems said. “I’ve kind of added more technical writing to it.”

According to Rhuems, specific things this class focuses on are things like filling out a check, addressing an envelope, reading a credit card statement, reading bank statements, or applying for a loan.

“I wish there was enough time that I could dive deeper [into topics like this],” Rhuems said.

According to Rhuems, the reason she wanted to teach this class was because, growing up, she didn’t feel as if she had the luxury of knowing how to do these kinds of things. Rhuems believes her students are truly benefiting from learning how to perform these types of tasks.

“[I hope the students remember to tell themselves that] ‘I can use this when I go to the bank’, or ‘I can use this when I apply for a credit card,”’ Rhuems said. “They needed somebody to teach the class, I was looking to teach more elective classes, so it just kind of worked together.”