Inktober event inspires art students


Photo by: Emi George

Freshman Kendl Matlock’s unfinished Inktober prompt for, “hope.”

Story by Katie Davis, Ava Carper, and Emi George

Fish, teeth, hope, oh my! This event has even more contrasting prompts, all depending how students decide to use their creativity to the fullest.
Inktober is a task throughout the month of October that helps to improve students skills in art, pushing them out of their comfort zones to be original and imaginative with their drawings. It  started in 2009 when artist Jake Parker, an Arizona native, wanted to develop and improve his drawing and inking skills. Students are given a new word prompt for each day of the month to creatively include it into their drawing for the day.
All students in PHS art classes have the option of participating, and drawings will be put on display in the library.
“You can take any of these prompts and do any of the mediums, like painting, sculptures, whatever your art medium is you could certainly do that and take it where you want to take it,” 2D art teacher Rolanda Root said. “It’s fun to look and see what others are creating and how they are interpreting the prompts.”
Art students utilize this event to make their art individual and unique, as everyone can interpret the prompts separately.
“To everyone, art is different,” senior Regan Carlson said. “You can express yourself and, different types of art, everything’s different for every person and how you perceive it.”
Inktober is not only used for extra credit, but to improve illustration skills as well.
“It kind of pushes your limits,” senior DesiRay Laidler said. “You have to think outside of the box for some of the prompts, and it challenges you and makes you better at drawing.” 

Words by Katie Davis, Video by Ava Carper, Photos by Emi George