Haunting activities for teens

Waco SchoolHouse Haunt
This haunted house is a great place for people who are first timers and still want to get scared. They have a system in place in case you are too scared to go through, you can walk with a guide where the actors won’t scare you. The best time to visit would be earlier in the night but on Saturday’s the wait can be for hours.

Wolfman’s House of Screams
This haunted house is great for first timers. There are a lot of strobe lights and quite a bit where it is just dark. Some parts are like a maze and their staff will make sure you don’t get lost in the maze of a haunted house. There is also a concession stand where you can purchase snacks and drinks.

Which is better?
Both haunted houses cost $13 per person and are made up of great actors and staff. Even if you don’t get scared easily, there are points in both that’ll make you jump. Wolfman’s and Waco are both great haunted houses to go to with friends and to have fun with.

Pumpkin Painting

Words by Rebeccah Jones, Map created and information compiled by Kate Poling, Video by Robert Hernandez and Justice Day