“Monument” by Keaton Henson Review – Henson never seems to disappoint

Story by Lane Phifer, Multimedia Editor

On Oct. 25, english folk-rock musician, composer, poet and visual artist Keaton Henson released his latest album “Monument” in tribute to his father, who passed away from a long battle with debilitating illness two days prior to the record being finished.

While the majority of the album was written in Henson’s home, musician Leo Abrahams, composer Charlotte Harding and drummer of Radiohead Philip Selway, along with a full string orchestra section on the record aided him in creating the album. 

When I first heard that Henson was creating a new album, I was ecstatic and delighted to give it a listen. After all, I’ve been listening to Henson’s music for roughly five years now and his work never seems to disappoint. 

Prior to the album’s release, Henson made several music videos that both gave the songs life and displayed short footage and audio from recorded childhood memories. 

“Monument” tells a story of love, loss and guilt. Like many of Henson’s previous albums, it was powerfully written, relatable on a multitude of levels, and, overall, a true work of art. 

With songs such as “Career Day,” “Prayer” and “Ontario,” along with eight more, the album speaks volumes and has something everyone can enjoy. 

According to the article, “Keaton Henson: Monument review – A sobering and raw account of grief,” by Siobhán Kane the album was not purposefully made for anyone else to hear. After putting the background music alongside Selway, Harding and Abrahams, Henson decided to publish it.

 After listening to the album in full, I think it’s easy to say that Henson’s lyrics are raw, powerful and moving. Much similar to his poetry, lyrics such as, “Off-balance but I feel my soul” in “Ontario” and “I’m a heartless casino, I win when you lose” in “Career Day” are absolutely gut-wrenching but also felt familiar since they were so relatable. 

If you are a fan of folk-rock music, poetic lyrics, orchestra ensembles or just want to have something to relate to, Henson’s album “Monument” might just be for you.