Savage Mode II delivers

Story by Ian Sullivan, Reporter

Four years after the original Savage Mode, rap superduo 21 Savage and Metro Boomin released the sequel to their 2016 EP, Savage Mode II. With tracks like “No Heart” and “X” on the original EP, 21 and Metro hoped to reach the high expectations of their fans with Savage Mode II. 

I’ve been a fan of 21 Savage ever since the day my older brother played “No Heart” for me, and I’ve listened to him ever since. As soon as I saw the video trailer for Savage Mode II, I was more than excited to hear what 21 and Metro had been working on. 

After three or four listens of the EP, I can safely say the duo met expectations.

The first thing you will likely notice as you listen to this EP is that it is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. 

In the opening track, “Intro”, Freeman defines what it means to be in “savage mode” as it winds into the first song “Runnin”. Freeman’s voice is used throughout eight of the 15 tracks.

21 Savage’s style is pretty consistent throughout most of his work, as he tells tales of his hardcore lifestyle in Atlanta. On Savage Mode II, 21 continues to perfect his signature style. 

Songs like “Runnin”, “Glock in my Lap”, “Snitches & Rats”, and “Brand New Draco” were songs that really felt similar to past 21 projects.

Whether it be the ominous, menacing beat on “Many Men” or the hard-hitting bass on “Runnin”, I highly recommend these tracks.

Another personal favorite off this EP is “RIP Luv”. This track stands out compared to the others because of its emotional and heartfelt lyrical content. In contrast to his other songs, 21 discusses the highs and the lows of a certain relationship. I really enjoyed this track and found it refreshing to hear such a contrast in style.

In my opinion, “Snitches & Rats” and the “Snitches & Rats (Interlude)” is one of the highest points of the EP. The interlude is a spoken word intro by Morgan Freeman in which he explains the difference between a snitch and a rat. Personally, I found this interlude very entertaining and awesome. Not to mention 21 and featured rapper Young Nudy both deliver excellent verses on “Snitches & Rats”.

“Mr. Right Now” feat. Drake is one track I really did not enjoy. The piano sample on the beat hurts my ears to listen to and 21’s monotonous voice did not fit the upbeat vibe of the track. However, I will give credit to Drake as he spit a pretty good verse.

After giving Savage Mode II a few listens, I can confidently say I am loving this EP. The subtle addition of Morgan Freeman to the end of some songs gave the EP an almost movie-like feel. On top of that, Metro’s production was on point with each beat and 21’s flows hit in almost every single song. As far as the featured artists on the EP go, they were somewhat underwhelming, but 21 and Metro were consistent throughout the project. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and plan on keeping this EP on repeat, and if they ever decide to make a Savage Mode III, I’ll be there for it.