Benson’s faith inspires him to lead by example

Story by Braden Benson

Being a Christian isn’t exactly mainstream. Talking about it can be awkward or even uncomfortable. But by having the opportunity to write this very article, I have the chance to share my experience as a Christian in Pittsburg High School.

To start off, a little background of what my experience of Christ has been. I grew up in the Presbyterian Church, attended youth group and believed in God. It wasn’t until my freshman year that something had changed. God was telling me that believing in him wasn’t enough and that I really need to get to know Him. Now, I’m called to be a representation of Christ in PHS.

My day consists of hitting play on my Christian playlist between classes, attending FCA leadership meetings on Tuesdays and occasionally preaching on Friday mornings in the collaboration room. My day outside of school consists of devotionals before bed and preaching occasionally on Wednesdays and every once in awhile writing my own devotionals.

My journey with Christ started my freshman year. This was the first time I started dealing with struggles—bad struggles. These problems lasted at least one semester until I came to the realization as to what was happening. I was receiving that opportunity to give my life to God and through these problems, the old me was being destroyed and the new me was being built. This was the motivation to worship. 

In that past, I’ve received the question “Why?” “Why do you do this?” In all honesty, not that long ago, I had to ask myself the same question. My motivation to worship wasn’t there anymore. I asked the same question to my pastor and he explained why we worship. Even though God created us and owns us, we still go against him on a daily basis. Instead of giving up on us, he gave up the most valuable thing he had so that we could have eternal life. He gave up his son. That’s the reason I worship—he died for me, so I live for him.

Sometimes, since worship isn’t the most popular thing to do, it can be hard. For awhile I wasn’t doing God’s will in PHS. I wasn’t setting the example of what Christ should look like. It can be hard to do what’s expected of me and I’m not always dying to do it.

At the end of the day, I know my purpose and I know that I have help. High school is a time in a lot of people’s lives where they’re drained. Drained from lectures, drama, activities on top of school, etc. I’m drained sometimes, and busy, and just done with a lot of things during high school. But I also have light in my darkness and his name is Jesus.