Season 2 of You leaves all questions and no answers

Story by Hannah Gray, Print Co-Editor, Online Co-Editor

Last summer I watched the first season of YOU and loved it, so it was an obvious move to watch the second season when it premiered on Netflix after Christmas. But was it everything I expected it to be?

I finished the whole thing and was left with many questions after the mindblowing season finale, 21 questions to be exact. 

(The following contains spoilers!) 

Questions and thoughts I had while watching YOU Season 2. 

  • So let me get this straight…Joe is still a nutcase and basically moved to Los Angeles to live the same exact life but under the name “Will”? 
  • Am I the only one who thought that Joe had genuinely changed? Then boom—he brought his box with him. How did he transport it? Did he get a new one?
  • Now that I think of it…who made the original box anyway?
  • Please tell me nobody else could watch the scene where Love and Joe first meet with a straight face either. 
  • Is that how we’re supposed to get guys? A peach?
  • Why doesn’t anyone in this series use curtains? Beck didn’t and neither does Love. Of course Joe is looking in your windows. 
  • Why is every character in this show a psychopath?
  • This show makes me seriously consider getting rid of all social media. 
  • Is he ever going to get caught like..come on. 
  • Does Joe really think putting on a baseball cap makes him invisible to the rest of the world? Just wondering. 
  • Joe got his finger cut off then magically got it repaired and everyone acted like nothing happened? Alright.
  • Woah. What happened to Paco? I mean he was practically an accomplice in Beck’s murder…where did he and Claudia actually go? 
  • I wolf you? Now, who came up with that?
  • Joe is a literal serial killer and yet I still root for him. I know I’m not the only one. 
  • So Joe (or Will, depending on how you’re feeling) has been killing since he was a child. So how many people has he killed? 
  • After Love kills Candace, she puts the body in the back of her car. Then disappears and comes back in with freshly baked muffins…where did she put the body?
  • The last episode titled “Love, Actually” is basically when all the drama Joe has made comes crashing down. Isn’t that ironic because the whole reason Joe moved to LA was to escape the drama he’d caused back in New York?
  • After Love tells Joe that she killed people too he acts surprised like he hasn’t been doing that this whole time?
  • Wait. If Love is secretly a killer then what if she was the one who killed her husband? That’s my guess.
  • Can you imagine being Love and Joe’s child? Oh boy…
  • And, of course, the whole season ends with Joe being fixated on a new woman. Who would’ve guessed…

Now, Is season two of YOU good? Define “good.” Did I stay up all night binge watching the whole season? Yes. Did I consider many, many times just going to sleep and forgetting that I had even started it in the first place? Also, yes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but it didn’t live up to the first season.